Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Farewell, But Not Goodbye

When I started this blog 2 ½ years ago, the intention was to keep my friends and family aware of activities, and my thought process through those activities. This blog has evolved in terms of my readership, my writing, and my content. Honestly, I am no longer comfortable with this blog, and my nature to share thoughts with whoever chooses to land on this page. I feel burdened and pressured to write meaningful posts and as of late it feels forced and contrived.

Recently I had a conversation about ego with a good friend of mine. Blogs, pictures, and video have been stroking my ego in a very stealthy manner, and only recently have I understood my motivations to share such materials on the internet. This blog is a component of my online persona that I have cultivated through the years, and I am no longer comfortable in my online presence. In fact over the last few months, I have slowly been pulling away from social networking sites, and general time spent online. I feel I need to find my roots, spend my time more wisely, and re-evaluate all that I am. Too much time has been wasted grooming this fake persona for the sake of my own ego, so I can receive recognition for activities which are ultimately mine to keep in mind, in body, and spirit. I feel I have devalued those experiences by not only constantly reliving them, but also have not done them justice by restraining how much and how deeply I write about them for the public eye.

Loyal reader, I’d like to thank you for your continued support. It’s not you, it’s me. The doors on this blog are closing. When my motivations are pure, I may start a new blog with a much narrower scope of topic. Life is too big and too personal, and does not align with my values by sharing it with the world.

I will continue to update my photography blog at http://saidphotography.blogspot.com/. I will also update this one with information if I choose to start a new blog in the future.

Always Yours,


Life on the edge.


Larkin said...

This... I respect, and yet the selfish part of me is saddened, for I love your struggles, battles, and decisions. They represent a duality between self and earth, western culture and world worth, that I question often.

sock hands said...

weak! retracting from the internet is so 'in' nowadays. i say buck the trend and post EVEN MORE.

i have thought about this for many tormented hours. i have researched it through and through. no rock was left unturned. my findings were subjected to the most rigorous scrutiny under the scientific method and peer review.

it all boils down to me being right.


Jennifer said...


Tom Little said...

Said, I understand your position here. Blogging, to me too, has become a weird animal. Often I feel that the type of posts I make are (though this is not my intention) duplicates of other peoples' daily(ish) updates on the climbing thread. It all has to be taken in perspective, and it's great to see you're doing that.

As for the updates, I sure am going to miss those. You have a quality blog and it's one less avenue that I'll have to see what my good buddy Said is up to. No matter; it just means I need to get my fucking ass over there even more ASAP. Take care man, hope to hear from you soon.

I love you. More than platonically.

FreedomStar said...

I'm sad.

But i can pick up the phone and get the juice when I want. so...i'll get over it. xo