Monday, September 28, 2009

Midnight Rock

Do we make stories, or do the stories make us? Perception is a funny thing. It can create enjoyment out of the mundane, or make the most interesting and bizarre a ruined experience.

Today we ran into a male nudist while out at Dream Canyon. I'm not one to infringe on how someone chooses to enjoy nature. If you feel getting buck naked, becoming vulnerable to ticks, and molesting a pine cone is your way of enjoying nature, more power to you. But is there a line that can be crossed when you disrupt the enjoyment of others who do not share your passion?

This experience got me to thinking, how often do we as climbers force our experience upon others? Lets face it, we are an obsessed bunch, and when we're in a room together, there is little room for conversation away from our passions. That's all good and well, but there's always a point when those not acquainted with the vertical realm feel uncomfortable because they can not add anything meaningful to the conversation. Does a social responsibility exist to make them feel included, change topic, or inquire into their passions?

...Probly not, they're just not real enough to rock climb.

Ian on Voila at Midnight Rock.

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Tom said...


Great thought man. I've been doing a lot of thinking about this too, its always an awkward thing when you see a couple climbers at a party or whatev and the next thing you know, you've blown an hour just straight talking about clip-stances. And those around you are looking at you like you're an alien. I've sort of thought that you can make others included if you ask what they think about the jargon of climbing: "backstep", "smear", "jam my fist"......